Trick Scooters / Freestyle Scooters

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Impress your mates with a new trick or freestyle scooter.

There's nothing better than nailing that one trick that's been bugging you for weeks. Whether it's mastering a fakie or something more complicated like an air 180, it feels epic getting it right for the first time.

Having the right scooter to master new tricks is essential for becoming a pro. Trick and stunt scooters are more lightweight than most scooters, plus made tougher to handle big jumps, spins and direction changes.

That's where we come in! 360 Pro Scooters have a massive range of trick, freestyle and stunt scooters available online in a range of colours and sizes. 

Grit scooters are one of the most popular brands in trick scooters. Super lightweight and flexible, Grit offers some of the best scooters for unique moves and tricks. The Grit Elite is specifically designed for mastering incredible stunts with additional kickstands on the side, making flips and jumps much easier.

That's just ONE of the brands we have available online. We have 25+ brands in stock, most with trick and stunt capabilities. 

Shop online for trick and freestyle scooters with 360 Pro Scooters! We have cheap shipping Australia-wide for a flat rate of $15.

Trick Scooters / Freestyle Scooters