District Scooters

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District scooters are cost-effective, tough, and smooth to ride. Shop online now!

District Freestyle Scooter Co. are known for thinking outside the square. In fact, in 2007 District became the first scooter brand to develop freestyle scooter parts and accessories including unstripable bolts, improved clamp life, and in 2008 created the lightest and strongest deck ever made for a scooter: the DK-1

Then, in 2009, District invented the first slide-in break for noiseless riding.

Yep, District Scooters are game-changers.

Known as the pioneering brand of the freestyle scooter movement, District has set the standard for scooter design, manufacturing and performance for scooter brands all over the world. Their innovative scooter parts and designs have helped to create the ultimate scooting experience.

We stock a massive selection of complete scooters and scooter parts from District, including the new C-Series C152 2018. Available in black/orange and tri-chrome, these scooters have a wider wheel for better "stopping" action. 

Just looking for parts? We stock District decks, bars and wheels, so you can customise your scooter or simply upgrade older parts.

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