About Us

Author: David WIniata   Date Posted:14 July 2017 

360 Pro Scooters has developed from the dreams of a 10yr old boy who wished for his own Scooter Shop. 

360 Pro Scooters is also a huge advocate for Brain Cancer Research and is an ongoing supporter of many Brain Cancer Charities. 

We are a team of 2 - Dave and Steve. 

Dave is a mad man for anything sports! Scooters fit perfecting with his passion. It is Dave's 10yr old & 6yr old son that was the driving force behind bring 360 Pro to life. You will find Dave out on the shop floor talking to everyone. 

Steve is just an amazing story as well. Steve is also a massive sports and outdoors crazyman but 3yrs ago received some bad news that he had a cancer tumour in his head. For many humans this would be the end. After an operation Steve was on his way to a healthy recovery when again bad news hit him, with the tumour growing again. 
Now a second operation has removed majority of the tumour and Steve is still standing strong. Showing true strength.

Steve is the scooter engineer and is able to fix anything on your scooter. A magician with tools in his hands.